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History and features of  Vermentino

The Vermentino is the wine of the Tyrrhenian Sea, everything recalls this splendid sea and its rocky coasts: salt, breeze, the Mediterranean scrub, the scent of citrus fruits, these are the flavors and aromas of Vermentino. A vine that has taken root in what we could call its Bermuda triangle that touches Sardinia, Liguria and Northern Tuscany. Vermentino has many faces, but only one identity, you will recognize it for its very intense but not yet aromatic bouquet, based on citrus fruits, white flowers, aromatic herbs such as thyme and basil and not too ripe yellow fruit, but above all you will find it inside the call of the sea. On the palate the wine is well-bodied, very fresh and with a structure that is not arrembante or too loose, rather it is a structure that is always born from the great flavor and not so much from the alcohol, which is quite contained. The stroke is fine, moves with elegance and grace and usually you will not find many full grapevines, as if it is left to ripen too much the Vermentino becomes redundant and flaccid, when everyone is trying to produce sharp and agile wines.

Our selection of  Vermentino

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