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History and features of Trebbiano

The Trebbiano is a white grape variety. The resulting product is a light wine to be consumed preferably within the next year of harvest.

It is thought that it is native to the Etruscan-Roman period and its primary spread was on the Romagna Hills. With the passing of the years, from the Trebbiano strain, a series of different wines, all similar and cultivated on the whole boot, were born.

Its positive characteristics of adaptation to the various climatic and territorial areas have allowed it to spread widely over most of our territory, as well as in some French and Californian regions. The Trebbiano d’Abruzzo originally from the 16th century, this wine can be found throughout the Abruzzo region with a good diffusion in all provinces (Pescara, Chieti, Aquila and Teramo).

It prefers to grow in moderately hilly areas (500-600 mt s.l.m.) and Abruzzo’s climatic conditions are ideal to maximize the peculiarities of this wine.