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History and features of Syrah

There is no certainty of this vine, nor of its name. According to the most credible theory, it would originate from the Caucasus, but there are those who identify its area of ​​birth in the Rhone, which is surely the land that has spread this grape in the world, with excellent results. The name, however, is fairly recent and was officially adopted in the early nineteenth century, with the creation of the first French ampelographic collections (consequence of the incidence of phylloxera) and could refer to the city of Shiraz in Iran (as proof of an oriental origin), or to the territory of Syracuse (with a legend that links the term Syrah to the ancient city of Arethusa). Previously, however, these grapes were called Serine or Serene (and often confused with the Mondeuse, called until the end of that century Grosse Syrah), while Shiraz is the term with which it is called in Australia and South Africa. This noble grape produces a ruby ​​red wine, intense and tending to garnet with aging and a typical deep ink pigmentation; the bouquet is intense and fruity, with a bouquet characterized by hints of small black fruits and spices, among which black pepper stands out and a finish of licorice and cocoa; on the palate it has a good structure and persistence, it is soft and quite fresh, with a medium tannin.

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