Autentico Metodo ClassicoJasci & Marchesani

An equal blend of Riesling, Pecorino and Chardonnay, this bubbly is made using the traditional method and has no dosage. It has a golden color and captivating, intense and complex aromas. In the bouquet there are suave floral scents that are almost rise-like, sparkling notes of full and crunchy fruit, a distinct acidic streak and some bold sensations of exotic flowers and all comforted with the hints of freshly baked pastry. The mouthfeel is full and soft, fresh, vigorous and splendidly real without any dosage. The rotund finish is elegant and long, sharpened by a note of pink grapefruit. Being so composed and captivating, it can only be enjoyed through slow, steady and continuous sips. Since it is so harmonious and long in the finish, it pairs well with a first course flavored with butter, a sprinkling of aged Parmigiano Reggiano and enriched by a generous addition of white truffle.

Tecnical Information

Autentico Metodo Classico

Jasci & Marchesani
  • Casalbordino/Monteodorisio PRODUCTION AREA
  • Designation of origin TYPOLOGY
  • 33,3% Chardonnay 33,3% Riesling 33,3% Pecorino GRAPE
  • 13,5% vol. ALCOHOL CONTENT
  • 18 months MATURING

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