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History and features of  Sauvignon

Sauvignon is one of the most widespread wines in the world and we can find endless interpretations of this noble grape that is thought to have been born in the Loire, although some theories want it originally from Bordeaux. As always, everything depends on the terroir and the winemaking techniques, even if some features are so special that they immediately recognize a good Sauvignon. What does not change is the undeniable personality of Sauvignon, its pungent aromatic charge, which is counterbalanced by a tantalizing flavor, perfect to accompany an infinity of dishes, especially vegetarian, even if it does not disfigure with a salmon fillet with asparagus and mushrooms. Plant fragrances are accompanied by memories of lily of the valley and bergamot and a symphony of fruit such as lime, mandarin, green apple, banana, melon, guava and grapefruit in sequence. If grown in cold climates to emerge are the tropical perfumes: passion fruit, papaya and lychee, as in the case of New Zealand wines. In Italy Sauvignon has found fertile ground on the marl and sandstone of the hills of Collio Goriziano and the Colli Orientali del Friuli, where it dominates together with the Friulano, making Friuli an obligatory destination for every white wine lover.

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