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History and features of  Riesling

Riesling is rightly considered one of the great white nobles in the world, surely the best from the point of view of longevity with a character and a uniquely identifiable character. A Riesling is immediately recognized by its unmistakable style. It is of German origin but has been planted with great success in the French Alsace and Northern Italy, as well as in many other countries.

Wines produced with Riesling can age for many years with distinctive aromas and tastes. In addition to remarkable acidity that allows aging, Riesling also has good sugary concentrations, and is often used in the production of good sweet wines. The scents are very intense, penetrating and deep, with strong aromas of honey and floral. Aging takes on hues of hydrocarbon, another scent is very sought-after and appreciated by the connoisseurs. This intense olfactory range is determined by the strong presence of monoterpenes in the acini, very aromatic elements.

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