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History and features of Primitivo

The origin of the Primitivo is very old: it is thought that the Illyrians have imported in Puglia their vineyards from Dalmatia, and in fact the wine was known as Primitivo di Sava indicating the real origin of the grapes, namely Slovenia. Manduria, however, is the location from which today takes its name, because it departed from Manduria tanks loaded the precious nectar. Others believe, however, that the primitive is a variety of Hungarian Zinfandel, widely used in the US today.

The only certainty, say historians, is that the Primitivo has made its entry in Puglia around 1700. It is called Primitivo because it comes from a very early grapes, among the first to ripen in the fall. It is one of the most famous wines of Puglia, and not without reason: full-bodied liqueur, very aromatic and full-bodied, Primitivo of Manduria DOCG is excellent table wine but also excellent as an accompaniment to dry pastry and mature cheeses. Primitivo of Manduria shows a deep ruby ​​red color and a very harmonious taste, spicy and liqueur, full-bodied. The bouquet recalls red fruits and hints of ripe fruit and liquorice, but also cherry jam or plum in Primitivo Reserve. In the mouth, however, it reveals highly structured, tannic, persistent and fleshy, velvety with aging, ideal for combinations with meat dishes and aged cheeses.

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