Pinot Grigio DOCCantina Ermacora

A vine of French origin, the Pinot Grigio is recognized as an “ad honorem” indigenous variety: it is in fact the most cultivated white grape in Friuli. Even though the skin of this grape has a more copper hue, the color of the wine is still straw-yellow thanks to modern wine technology and oeno-refrigeration that allow to limit color extraction from the skins. Fruity when young, with time it gains a bouquet reminiscent of hay, nougat husk, and custard cream. It pairs well with light appetizers, soups, egg dishes and fish, and even with cold cuts or stewed meats. To be served at 10-12 °C (50-54 °F).

Tecnical Information

Pinot Grigio

Cantina Ermacora
  • Friuli venezia giulia PRODUCTION AREA
  • Designation of origin TYPOLOGY
  • Pinot Grigio100% GRAPE
  • 13 % vol. ALCOHOL CONTENT
  • 6 months steel MATURING

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