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History and features of Falanghina

The origin of the grape, as for many varieties of southern Italy, is traced back to the Greek colonization. The Falanghina has spread a little ‘everywhere in the Campania region, however the most suitable areas are located in the volcanic area of ​​Campi Flegrei and Sannio in the mountainous territory. Recent research on DNA, showed the presence of two different clones: one beneventano and the other flegreo, different in shape and size, but very similar organoleptic characteristics. The name of the grape goes back to two different etymologies. The Falanghina could be daughter of Falerno White, ancient Campania wine already known to the ancient Romans. Its name derives from the root Falerno or Falernina. Another hypothesis, instead, the name derives from the word falanga, archaic synonym of the poles used to support the vines. In recent decades, Falanghina has abandoned the identity of simple table wine, to succeed together with Fiano of Avellino and the Greek of Tufo, as one of the varieties most appreciated white grape of Campania. The cultivation with low yields, the more accurate vinification, have made it a wine of great personality, which is appreciated especially for the fresh fragrance of its aromas. The Falanghina grape variety is quite vigorous and with good productivity. It prefers hilly exposure, with dry and warm climate and soils rather poor. He comes to full maturity in mid-September, giving fairly large bunches. The shape of the bunch and  berry define the two different clones: what beneventano has the winged bunch and the berry slightly oblong, while the flegreo has a conical shape and berry roundish. The wine has a straw yellow color, with an aromatic profile characterized by floral notes, intense fruit flavors and mineral notes due to land, often of volcanic origin. The bouquet reminiscent of ripe fruit with tropical notes and good acidity. To preserve the aromatic fragrance, falanghina is usually vinified in steel, without the use of wood.

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