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History and features of  Catarratto

Catarratto is a Sicilian white grape variety, prevalently prevalent in the province of Trapani. The Catarratto wine is characterized by its high acidity which positively influences the aromatic and gustatory freshness; on the olfactory plane the scent of white flowers is the most widespread. In the mouth it is sapid and dry, but this does not compromise its preservability. The catarratto would be a progenitor of the garganega, a very common grape in Veneto. He met a great fortune in the second half of the twentieth century because of its great productivity, including the production of Marsala wine. At the end of the century it lost part of its importance, to partial advantage of the cricket and international grapes, but it remains the first grape grown in Sicily and the second in Italy after the Tuscan trebbiano.
Although well appreciated by experts and not, a decade ago has seen its regional spread decrease to make room for the international vines particularly requested by the market. However, the work in the cellar to be able to enhance the characteristics of this vine has never stopped and has made use of the contribution of scientific studies that have better outlined the profile.

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