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History and features of  Barbera d'Asti

A first trace of Barbera is found in a 17th century script preserved in the town hall of Nice Monferrato. In 1798, it officially entered the list of Piedmontese vines when the first Ampelography was written by the Count Nuvolone of the Turin Agricultural Society. The acorn is of a very good intense blue color, with very juicy and acidic pulp, velvety and substantial peel with very compact pyramid cluster. It is a ductile vine, from which novel wines are obtained to the great aging wines. The wine is purple red, tending to garnet with aging. With intense and fruity scent (plum and cherry notes of ripe, blackberry and raspberry), if drunk young has a dry taste, with good acidity, pleasantly fresh, floral and fragrant, suitable for all meals. The lively type is suitable for a more immediate consumption, served at 15º and matched with savory flavors and salami. The steak type, served at 16 – 18º is fine with grilled red and red meat, stewed, roasted and poultry.

Our selection of  Barbera d'Asti

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