For (tune)! AltbierBirra Aeffe

Beer "For (tune)" is a beer, which immediately enters into tune with those who drink it as specified in the word "tune" "tune". It 'a social beer in all respects, to drink in company or there is a group of friends. On the nose the "For (tune)" has a rich scent with a strong presence of sweet and fruity maltato according to the added spices. Round to taste. At sight "For (tune)" is bright and slightly opalescent with an amber color tending to copper ... reflected on the edge of the orange glass. Dense and compact foam.

Tecnical Information

For (tune)!

Birra Aeffe
  • Altbier TYPOLOGY
  • barley / wheat 100% CEREAL
  • 4,8 % vol. ALCOHOL CONTENT

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