Oro del Moro Extra Vergin Olive OilD'alessandro

Our product is the result of traditional but above all genuine procedures. The olives are pressed by cold pressing, in this process the olives are ground with large stone wheels, generally granite, which, moving very slowly, crush the olives without causing the temperature to rise. Once the pasta is obtained by grinding, the processing of the product is continued through the kneading, a gentle mixing of the dough into the kneading. The blades of this tool allow the oil molecules to separate from the matrix. The product obtained is then distributed on disks called fiscoli, which are superimposed to form a column which is pressed into the press. The pressing separates the liquid parts from the solid ones, always without raising the temperature. The solid part, called sansa, is discarded and used for the extraction with chemical processes of oil residues still present. The liquid part is composed of water and oil which are separated by centrifugation or, according to the traditional method, by outcrop. This type of processing and cold extraction through crushing and centrifugation are the only two that allow to obtain the real virgin olive oil / extra virgin as codified by the directives of the European Community

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