Aprulia participates in two events organized by ICE for wine industry professionals

Is a November full of emotions for the Aprulia Taste’s staff: the italian wine export company participates in two events organized by ICE (Italian institute for foreign trade) in Singapore and Taiwan.

A special night in Singapore

The name of the events in South East Asia is “Borsa Vini”, and they are two events dedicated to wine sector employees.  Every day of the event concludes with gala dinners and tastings to better conclude the working days.

Singapore point of view
“Allegro Apulo” Italian Wine Line

The Aprulia’s goal is to present a new line of wines called “Allegro Apulo”. This is the widest line of wines of Aprulia Taste Company. It comes from the need to create a range of products that explain the taste of Italian wine from north to south of the peninsula. The choice of types arises after a careful study of the tastes and habits of Aprulia’s customers abroad. In the name we have inserted the word “Allegro” (Cheerfulness) as the main feeling that this line of wines must arouse in the people who taste. It is a line of products suitable for every palate, with exceptional value for money.

In the coming days we will update you on the events coming from Singapore and Taiwan describing our new line of wines at best.