Business meeting at “Borsa Vini 2019” with our Malaysian partner

The 2019 edition of “Borsa Vini” ended last Saturday. A very positive event for Aprulia Taste that on the occasion presented the new line of Italian wines called “Allegro Apulo”.

During the first part in Singapore we met with pleasure our Asian partner named Magdalen. She’s a Malaysian Aprulia’s partner for the importation of extravirgin olive oil.

The partnership between Aprulia Taste and Magdalen and its partners is a multi-year partnership and started in recent months. Their area of ​​expertise covers not only Malaysia, but also the south east of China, Singapore and several other areas.

Magdalen and the Aprulia’s Supply Manager Domenico Ciuffreda in Singapore

We are very keen on ties with our partners around the world. This is why we were very happy to meet Magdalen to discuss the present and future plans of our companies with a perspective of growth and development together.